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This is our fee submissions category for poetry. All of our submissions are considered equally. So why pay a fee when you don’t have to? You’re leaving space open for someone without the means to pay. Submittable is not free to use, and even with the subscription fee we pay, we can only accept a limited number of no-fee submissions. By submitting to this category, you’re also helping us pay to use Submittable. We appreciate your donation!

The Puritan remains committed to accepting no-fee submissions. If our no-fee category isn’t working right now, you are welcome to use the fee category or wait until the 1st of the next month, when we reopen again to no-fee submissions.

Baffle us, tangle us up, or break our hearts. We’re looking for poems of any length (including sequences and long poems). Once again, please familiarize yourself with our last two issues. Send up to four poems at a time.

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